Thursday, October 16, 2008

Christians in Culture

I believe there is in our world an untapped potential for Christians. In our world, people spend more time on YouTube, in the theatres, listening to music, reading fiction or graphic novels and chatting on the internet. I think that Christians have missed the chance to use culture to influence people for the good and spread the news of the Perfect One who died on a tree.

Music: Of all the parts of culture, this is where Christian's have prevailed. I'm not exactly sure why but I believe it probable has to do with the use of music during church services. Some bands (Switchfoot and Anberlin) have really been able to use music to touch the world, and I think that this will increase as the years go on.

Art: Long long time ago, art seemed to be much more infused with Christianity. Recently its been differentiated, and I think its the world's loss. I do believe (personally) the modern art era has really diminished the effectiveness of Christians in art, and I think that modern art has caused Christians to put art at a distance. I think we need Christians to be able to bring morality back into art. We also need Christians to write Graphic Novels. The comic industry has boomed in recent past, and I think we have Manga to thank for that. ;) We need Christians to "invade" the graphic novel scene with, not overtly Christian themes, but character who show the Christian ethical system and a belief in God.

Movies: Ah yes, the prime area for liberal thought to permeate our culture. The makers of Fireproof and Facing the Giants did well, but according to standards of excellence by secular reviewers, it was poor. We need Christians to permeate the movie industry with Christian ideas and morality.

The list can go on and on, but I point to one greater than myself, C. S. Lewis, who talks of Christians in Culture in his book Christian Reflections. I think what we need is people who are able to gain secular acclaim while having a Christian foundation, like C. S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia and the like.

Peace out.


Elenatintil said...

Amen brother! I'm liking this blog more and more...

Sam Patchet said...

Ditto what Elenatintil said. This blog looks like it has some real potential to reach out and affect people's lives for God's glory.