Saturday, January 29, 2011

One idiot said to the other idiot, "Doesn't he know it's rude to eavesdrop?"

Since my last post, there has been two movie nights and two tutorials, an "inkings" meeting, and a delicious breakfast of hashbrowns and scrambled eggs.  Yes indeed, life at Crick Road is good.  The question is, though, what has happened that would be remotely interesting to you my avid readers.  What would induce you to heights of ecstatic appreciation of my evocation?

Honestly, I don't know.  That's probably why I haven't written a blog post recently.

What has happened is mainly that I am falling in love with my food group, which is pretty much the awesomest  Of course, we are The Food Group Formerly Known as Awesome, and for those to lazy, we go by "Awesome."

The other day, one of the S(cholarly) C(hristians) I(n) O(xford) staff Simon joined our food group and pretty much made it the funniest night of our lives.  His humor is brilliant.  Unfortunately, as all good jokes exist within a context, to repeat them would be to do them a disservice. Yet I will anyways.  One example was when he told a story about his son.  His son, as he told us, is very sensitive, and will collapse if he senses that his father is displeased with him.  Once, this son threw food on the table, and Simon told his son, "Rory, we don't do that."  And then Rory looks at him and says, "Daddy, I won't do that anymore."  Seeing that the girls got really emotional, I made the comment that if Simon were to tell more stories like that, the girls would probably start crying.  Simon then said, "But we won't.  Nothing touches these bowls of steel!"

See what I mean by you need to be there?

And that's the problem with writing these blog posts.

I had my first creative writing tutorial this past Wednesday, and I am amazed at the man who does them.  Somehow, he is able to tell you that you're the worst writer in the world and make you feel good about it.  I'm not entirely sure how he does that.

Anyways, hope everything is pleasant stateside.  Be back on here hopefully sooner rather than later.

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Elenatintil said...

As a die-hard anglophile, you could probably do nothing except list your menu for a week and I wouldn't get bored. Please post whatever randomness happens in your life -- anything! You're living in Oxford, how could you NOT have anything worthwhile to post?