Saturday, July 2, 2011

Time and it's confusion

The world waits with baited breath.  For what we're not quite sure.  Perhaps, perhaps it's for a new movie to come out.  Or the next CD by a stellar band.  Or perhaps even for truth.  Which unfortunately nobody seems to be able to offer--certainty is as offensive as intolerance.  Never mind the fact that nobody is angry at mathematicians for dogmatically saying that two and two makes four.  Truth is too often mistaken for opinion.

This mistake stems from the inability of humans to recognize that truth exists outside of themselves.

There are many people in current culture who understand truth does exist.  But alas, our postmodern world believes that man has no way of reaching that truth.  In a book I recently read by Cormac McCarthy he continually presses the idea into readers that there may be a God and there may be a purpose behind everything, but mankind is so lost and separate from Him that they can never reach that truth, and wander aimlessly through the world with the knowledge that there is more, but without hope of discovering it.

And honestly, they're right.  It's about time we removed ourselves from the neoclassical view of man as being able to with the aid of reason discover all that is to be known about the universe.  The blunt truth is that if we are to know anything, we need to have somebody above the human condition be able to show us what truth is.  And we can't verify that truth.  We have no choice but accept or reject it.

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Crandall said...

Excellent thoughts my good man! Strange isn't it how that concept of our being able to define our own truth apart from God has been with us since the fall. Perhaps Satan's ingenuity consists in his ability to continually sell us the same old crap and we still fall for it.