Sunday, January 16, 2011

All my life I've been dying to know

Ah yes, another day, another year, and another something or other that would make your head spin were you to know it.  Thankfully, I value the unqueasiness of your stomach, so I won't mention that one.  But, you are not reading this to hear my random and wild thoughts, but to hear about Oxford and England and why you should be so utterly envious of me that you run around your house screaming until you're lungs stop working.  Please call an ambulance before proceeding.  Your heath is my priority.

In any case, shall we?

Monday began my orientation, which basically meant I went to Wycliffe Hall and heard people talk for half the day, then spent the rest of my day hanging out with people.  On one of the days (not sure which) I was led on a tour by an extraordinary Classics professor named Jonathan Kirkpatrick who happened to live in the Kilns.  Now, for those ignorant of these matters, the Kilns once belonged to the great C. S. Lewis.  And, if you don't know who that is, then, I pity the fool.

Jonathan Kirkpatrick led us around on a sightseeing tour, giving us various details that were entertaining, and interesting, and all the better because we got to hear a British accent.  One thing, however, to bear in mind is that British people walk really, really fast.  He left us in the dust.  Like Usain Bolt at the Olympics.  Of the amusing things he shared, one was that there are several colleges who claim to be the oldest colleges of Oxford, these being University, Balliol and Merton.  Another is that the All Souls' College has a traditional duck hunt where the dons walk around the walls of the castle in chase of a duck.  This is due to the fact they discovered a dead one while digging for the foundations.  Hilarious factoids do not stop there, as we were also informed that Christ's Church (another college) runs five minutes behind time, because back when it was founded, Oxford's time was five minutes behind London's.  This was a result of the latitude.  So when trains began running, and they switched to a universal time zone for convenience, Christ's Church decided tradition was stronger, and thus still remain on the old Oxford time.

My roommate and I scored big time on our food group.  Not only do we switch dinners off with people who are fun and will clean up, but they also cook amazing meals, and bake absolutely brilliant desserts.  Tonight being the soon-to-be world famous lemony bars, the quote resulting being "That's transubstantiation going on over there!"  Those bars are perhaps the best tasting square inch I've ever had.  An explosion of flavor in your mouth in every...single...bite......

Needless to say...well, if it's needless, then I won't say it,

Moving on....

Yesterday, I went to London, where we jogged after a diminutive Australian, visited a variety of famous historical places, heard the darkest, yet funniest, stories ever, and saw the national gallery of art.  Though, perhaps, the best part was the several hours worth of chatting, and the delicious Chipotle burrito at the end.  Yes, I did say Chipotle.  There is only one in the nation, and I ate at it.  You ask, why?  So many things you can't have in the states, and you choose Chipotle?  Well, it's good, isn't it?  And for further, unnecessary justification, I can eat anything in London in Oxford, but there is no Chipotle in Oxford.  It's the truth.  And it is sad.  Life is painful folks.  It really is.

Move night, ah yes, movie night.  Our brilliant head of house Sam chose the film Amazing Grace.  This being the second time I've seen it, I once again form the conclusion that the movie is one good film.  And, I must admit, the second time was better, if only for the fact that British candies, biscuits and cookies were served.

The time is not drawing to a close, I could devote many more hours to this, but I'm getting bored writing it, so that means you must be equally, if not more, bored than I reading it.  Cheerio chaps!


Josue said...

I want my head to spin. Tell me the story you refused to tell in the first paragraph.

And I wasn't bored reading.


Elenatintil said...

NOT BORED! Please write more soon!

and... they actually ALLOW PEOPLE TO LIVE IN THE KILNS? Seriously? That just seems sacrilegious... ;)

max said...

You have to apply to live there. There are certain requirements.